Compare quotes for Bmw 325 Ci car insurance cost, 2023

The median insurance cost for Bmw 325 Ci owners is $2,792 annually. But, rates differ from model to model. for example, the M850Xi is priced at $482 more annually to protect than the 735 I Automatic.

BMW 325 Ci car insurance costs

One of the essential elements for the BMW 325 Ci insurance premium is the age of your car. Here’s the cost to cover your 325 Ci according to the year of your vehicle:

Model yearAverage CostAnnual Savings when you use Jerry

If you’re driving the BMW 325 Ci, You can anticipate the cost of insurance to differ following trim level or upgrades as well as the level of coverage you choose. This is how your insurance price compares to other comparable automobiles:

What does this mean in comparison to other Bmws?

Best car insurance companies to insure the needs of Bmw 325 Ci

If you own a Bmw, you likely value the qualities, Bmw is known for in terms of reliability, practicality, and quality that can stand against the test of time.

Check out the table below for the various insurance options that different companies have for Bmw 325 Ci owners.

Insurance companyAverage CostAnnual Savings when you use Jerry
Commonwealth Insurance$9,960$8,910

Compare insurance quotes for cars Bmw 325 Ci.

However, with the many options for coverage and insurance companies available, how can you determine which insurance is the best? With the help of Jerry’s insurance experts, changing policies is easy–with no unnecessary telephone calls, redundant documents, and no lengthy waiting for a response.

Find out what real Jerry customers saved when they shop for Bmw insurance through the app!

Quote DateZip CodeStateCityNameAgeInsurance CompanyBefore JerryAfter Jerry
August 17, 202238464TNLawrenceburgLogan T.28Electric$1,518$1,016
February 23, 202285014AZPhoenixIsabella Z.37Progressive$1,596$755
May 18, 202127045NCRural HallChase W.46Nationwide$840$807
March 16, 202119067PAMorrisvilleAndrew R.24Plymouth Rock$4,200$3,514
December 2, 202022044VAFalls ChurchRobert W.22Mercury$1,260$1,130

Find other models

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The best car insurance companies for Bmw 325 Ci drivers with poor driving records

You’re not a terrible driver. Our research has shown that over half of U.S. drivers would rate themselves as “great,” and over half of Americans think they’re the most reliable driver within their immediate family.

But, well, everything happens. When that happens, it happens to you, whether it’s the speeding ticket you received while you were dancing to the new track by Beyonce or the DUI that you received following that night of poor choices in college, insurance firms are likely to increase the cost of insurance and declare you as a “high-risk driver.” Take an examination of the following table to discover the ways Jerry customers who had previous violations changed their rates

Driving ViolationAverage CostAnnual Savings when you use Jerry
Clean Record$3,051$1,492
Speeding under 15$3,424$1,335

How much will Bmw 325 Ci insurance rise following a DUI?

If you are convicted of a DUI when driving your 325 Ci and you are convicted, your insurance premium to rise in the amount of an average of percent.

What is the cost of BMW 325 Ci insurance rise following a speeding ticket?

We’ve experienced it. If you receive an infraction for speeding in your 325 Ci insurance policy, your premium could rise to an average of 35 percent.

Best Car Insurance for Bmw 325 Ci by Age

Suppose you’re a new driver and need a superpower to secure a decent and affordable insurance policy. It’s because most insurance companies classify drivers under 25 as “high-risk drivers”–regardless of the actual driving records!

The reasoning is logical: since young drivers aren’t as experienced, they are more likely to be more likely to suffer from accidents. So even though their records are impeccable, businesses increase young drivers’ insurance premiums to cover their risk perception.

If you’re not yet 25, you could pay an extra $21 monthly for insurance. Below is a list of the average rates Jerry’s customers paid and a breakdown of the customer’s ages.

Best Car Insurance for Bmw 325 Ci by Location

Perhaps you have a flawless driving record and an impressive amount of time driving. Yet your insurance rates are still very high. What’s the reason?

It’s all about the risk. If you live in an area with high vehicle theft rates, traffic accidents, or extreme weather, the chance of your vehicle increases. Where you can see your neighbors, the insurance company will see an increased risk of costly claims and factor that into your insurance premium.

Then where do Bmw 325 Ci drivers get the best prices? And where can you anticipate premiums that are higher than the average? Look over the table below.

Quote DateCarBefore JerryAfter JerryZip codeStateNameAgeInsurance Company
February 18, 2023Chevrolet Cruze LTZ$176/mo.$82/mo.33426FLHettie M.27Progressive
February 17, 2023Honda Civic EX$100/mo.$84/mo.27514NCBryan P.29Progressive
February 17, 2023Honda Accord EX$179/mo.$109/mo.27265NCJesus K.34Dairyland
February 8, 2023Honda Accord LX$180/mo.$118/mo.72210ARFrancis C.48Gainsco
February 14, 2023Hyundai Veloster$360/mo.$265/mo.73107OKAlta H.27Progressive

Driving a BMW 325 Ci

If you have the BMW 325 Ci, Here’s the information you should be aware of about the car:

  • The trim you select at the dealership can affect your insurance rates. Choosing the top-of-the-line TRD Trim will incur you more initially and cost you more monthly.
  • Regular maintenance can keep your model in good shape and will assist you in avoiding injuries that could increase your rates. Follow the maintenance schedule recommended in the owner’s manual!
  • If you purchased the Bmw 325 Ci new, you should consider purchasing a new replacement car insurance policy to safeguard your investment.

The most important thing to remember: The more your Bmw 325 Ci is worth, the more you’ll be paying to drive and insure it.

How can you cut costs on insurance for the BMW 325 Ci?

The annual average cost to insure a car is $2,792. However, who is saying you have to be average? Here are some hacks to make it easier to save on the cost of insurance.

Compare rates

We’ve all heard it”compare, compare the two. But unfortunately, comparison shopping is the primary goal when trying to find savings on car insurance.

This is why it works: each insurance company has its algorithm to determine your rates. Suppose you cannot detect the most effective algorithm for your car and age, zip code, or other automatically. Then, evaluating rates is the only way to get the best policy at the lowest cost.

In reality, there is another option: download Jerry’s Jerry app and let Jerry manage the algorithm (and save you money!) WiThen, without a few questions, you’ll gain immediate access to Jerry’s pool of more than 55 top insurance firms and get rate comparisons within 45 minutes!

Make sure you drive safely to help save

Safe driving can indeed put cash back into your pockets. Tickets will not only cause your cost to go up, and you’ll also be eligible for discounts if you keep an impeccable report.

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