BMW 328i Insurance Cost [2023 Rates + Comparisons]

What is the cost of insurance for the BMW 328i? First, we examined the average insurance cost for the 328i sedan to determine how insurance rates stack up against other luxury compact cars.

  • BMW insurance for 328i is approximately $1,560 for the year, roughly $130 per month for complete coverage.
  • Rated 10th from 26 cars in the small luxury car class, the average car insurance costs of the BMW 328i were $19 lower annually than the average for the segment.

What is the cost of BMW insurance for 328i cost?

Insurance costs for the BMW 328i range from $1,560 to $1,560 per calendar year to cover $130 monthly. Therefore, you should expect to pay around $19 less annually to cover BMW 328i insurance than the smaller luxury vehicles average. Also, the annual cost is $125 less than the average national raRateRate5.

The chart below shows how the average rates for car insurance for 2016 for a BMW 328i are adjusted depending on various insurance deductibles and the driver’s age.

The following data provides the average insurance costs for the BMW 328i from the 2013 to 2016 model years.

Model Year and VehicleAnnual RateRatenth RateRateRateRate
2016 BMW 328i$1,560$780$130
2015 BMW 328i$1,548$774$129
2014 BMW 328i$1,424$712$119
2013 BMW 328i$1,410$705$118

What is the BMW 328i insurance costs position?

The BMW 328i is ranked 10th among 26 comparable cars in the small luxury segment, with the lowest car insurance rates. The 328i is priced at an average of $1,560 a year for insurance with full coverage, and the average cost for the category is $1,579 per year, which is a difference of $19 each year.

Compared with other popular smaller luxury cars, insurance rates for the BMW 328i were $74 lower annually compared to Mercedes-Benz C300, $102 more than the Volvo S60, and $72 more than the Acura TLX.

The following table shows the average insurance costs for the BMW 328i compared to other luxury compact automobiles in America, such as Lexus IS 350, the Audi A4, Lexus IS 350, and the BMW i3.

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1BMW 228xi$1,322-$238
2Mercedes-Benz SLK 300$1,442-$118
3Volvo S60$1,458-$102
4Acura TLX$1,488-$72
5BMW 228i$1,504-$56
6BMW i3$1,510-$50
7Audi S3$1,526-$34
8BMW 340i$1,540-$20
9BMW 335xi$1,544-$16
10BMW 328i$1,560
11BMW 320i$1,564$4
12Lexus CT 200H$1,570$10
13Audi A4$1,572$12
14Mercedes-Benz SLK 350$1,580$20
15BMW M235i$1,582$22
16BMW 328d$1,594$34
17Lexus RC 200T$1,600$40
18Cadillac ATS$1,606$46
19Mercedes-Benz B250E$1,630$70
20Mercedes-Benz C300$1,634$74
21BMW 328xi$1,652$92
22Lexus RC 350$1,654$94
23BMW 330e$1,664$104
24Lexus IS 200T$1,684$124
25Lexus GS 200T$1,788$228
26Lexus IS 350$1,794$234

Discounts and additional rates

Other interesting observations regarding the insurance of the BMW 328i and some savings and tips for saving money include:

  • Reduce expenses on your insurance by increasing your deductibles. For example, raising your physical insurance deductibles for damage from $500 to $1,000 can reduce your annual costs by around $222 for a driver who is 40 years old and $432 for a driver who is 20 years old.
  • A low deductible could not be the most financially sensible sense. For example, lowering deductibles from $500 to $250 can result in an additional $232 per year for a 40-year-old driver and $452 annually for a driver aged 20.
  • It’s expensive to purchase risky policies. For example, a 30-year-old driver who had to buy high-risk insurance could raise the price by more than $1,912 annually.
  • Tickets and violations are more expensive than an average ticket or fine. To get the lowest rates for 328i insurance, stay clear of traffic tickets. Two minor traffic violations can increase the insurance premium by as much as $414 annually.
  • Your job could reduce your premiums. For example, many car insurance companies offer discounts on policies when you work in jobs like firefighters, scientists and emergency medical technicians, elementary and high school teachers, and architects. When you work in a position that is eligible for this reduction, you can save between $47 and $144 off the cost of your car insurance, depending upon the age and health of your driver.
  • Credit score improvement to get higher prices. Maintaining a high credit score can save you at least $245 per year for a credit score that ranges between 670-739. A less-than-perfect credit score can cost you around $284 per year.

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