A unique feature of Opel OnStar How is it working?

The continuation of our research into our discovery of the system connected to Opel OnStar, which arrive in all models of the German manufacturer starting in the second quarter of 2015. We’re interested in the specifics of the features offered as well as in the back office to comprehend the scope of this system entirely.

Onstar’s services are split into five categories, and the multi-functional smartphone app is added to each.

OnStar: service details

OnStar’s various services OnStar could be classified into five categories: diagnostics, emergency routing download as well as assistance, and WiFi. They’re activated when the car keys are handed to the dealership. To the dealer before you leave. On board, you will receive a welcoming call and a start-up.

Automatic emergency call

Similar to eCall, OnStar is a system that will be required in all new cars starting in 2023; OnStar offers A SOS button that permits that in the incident in the event of an accident (or if you are witness to the occurrence of an accident), it is possible to notify to an emergency. Assistance is 24/7, all day, and seven days a week.
A trained and specially-trained adviser communicates with the user in the language he has defined when he receives his vehicle, regardless of whether they are in another country. He inquires about what’s happening and emergency services to call for an intervention if needed.

However, OnStar assistance service may also be automatically activated, In the case of an accident that causes the airbag to be deployed. In this scenario, the line is opened by an advisor who tries to reach the driver or a passenger on the bus to explain the situation.

In addition, OnStar transmits precise data regarding the condition of the automobile to the central call center, including exact GPS location, vehicle type, and impact points. Emergency services will use the information to assist them in implementing the most effective and efficient intervention possible. Shortly, OnStar will be able to show the number of passengers aboard helping the rescuers.

Automated diagnosis

Remote diagnostics are among the first features OnStar was equipped with in its early days. Today over 4 million messages have been sent to subscribers every month to provide information on the oil level, tire pressure, and other information crucial to car “health.”

However, in the event of doubt or doubt, If the unusual light appears on the dashboard Pressing the blue button on the OnStar system lets you be connected to an advisor who will remotely examine the condition of your car.

If there is a serious issue in the event of a severe problem, the customer is immediately contacted by the closest garage. In the event of a need, advisors can forward the location of the nearest Opel dealer directly into the vehicle’s navigation system.

Route is uploaded remotely.

The ability to download routes is one of the unique features of OnStar. Do you know where you’d like to go but don’t know the exact address (for instance, to the louver-lens museum or the SNCF station nearest to the location you’re at)? Are you too busy to input information into your dashboard GPS? Are you lost?

Do not be afraid; ask your operator to contact you when you press the blue access to services button.

In only a few minutes, the address is transmitted to your GPS. This calculates the route as if you’d completed it by hand and will guide you to where you want to go.

Stop the thief

The subscription to OnStar will also grant you help in case of keys get lost or the vehicle is stolen. For example, suppose you lock your doors using the key inside. In that case, you may contact an advisor who will remotely unlock your car upon verification of your identity to ensure you are safe.

This remote intervention may also be a form of switching off the engine’s ignition. To disable to lock the lock of the vehicle. This extreme situation can only be used to prevent car theft. In this scenario, OnStar services will liaise and collaborate with the local police force.

It is, in fact, only after the establishment and verification of the report that it is possible to verify that OnStar will begin searching for the vehicle. Once the location has been determined, and its coordinates have been determined, they are sent directly to the person in charge (and to the police).

If the person who stole the car has turned off his engine, the start disables feature stops the vehicle from starting up again.

WiFi available on board

The 4G connection, which is the base for OnStar services, can also be used to supply the vehicle with Internet access, and a bit as if the box of an access provider was placed underneath the underside of the. It is not dependent on the dashboard’s multimedia screen and its apps, as it can be utilized with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop device used by a driver.

Altogether, it’s up to seven devices. You can connect to the mobile hotspot using a WiFi connection, protected through a code supplied to an OnStar operator in the connection request. The flow of data is shared between the various users.

In theory, the speed of a 4G LTE connection (Long Long Term Evolution is the preferred standard in Europe) could go up to 150 megabits/s. This is the speed measured for France by the 4G Monitor. The rate is about 30 Mbits/s. Places not served by 4G may be only 3G-based or less in “digital deserts.” Opel promises that the robust roof antenna of cars equipped with OnStar can provide more connectivity than your phone.

All-purpose smartphone

In addition, various types of OnStar services will be offered in an Application for tablets and smartphones. It is available for download from its Apple App Store for iOS models and through the Google Play Store for Android models.

It allows you to see the essential diagnostic data for your car’s screen. It also allows you to activate the horn or the headlights. So it is possible to locate it, for instance, among hundreds of other parking lots.

If you can’t recall where you left it, the app will track it using the Internet connection on the tablet or smartphone.

The app also transforms the device into a remote to lock or open doors simply by pressing them. In addition, it can be employed to control the WiFi hotspot’s parameters aboard. It is also possible to pick an area of interest and forward directly to the car’s navigation system.

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