BMW insurance costs

Comparison of BMW car insurance rates: Search for the model you want to compare to find its typical rates over the years.

We gathered BMW insurance quotes for cars from the top insurance providers to determine that the monthly average cost to cover the BMW will vary between $171.85 to $406.44, which is between $2,052 and $4.884 annually. But, the actual price will differ based on the model of your vehicle, the time of your life, age, driving history and the number of miles you travel each year, your home area, and many other variables.

Model YearProgressiveGeicoState FarmFarmersAverage
2021 BMW 2$175.42$158.35$238.64$235.90$202.08
2021 BMW 3$151.58$171.40$245.07$236.55$201.15
2021 BMW 4$199.09$151.50$314.32$223.67$222.15
2021 BMW 5$168.25$191.95$287.96$245.37$223.38
2019 BMW 6$189.59$217.87$322.53$241.12$242.78
2021 BMW 7$202.59$246.34$390.90$223.33$265.79
2021 BMW 8$248.43$226.97$360.49$245.98$270.47
2021 BMW i3$177.25$148.01$258.66$210.83$198.69
2020 BMW i8$370.62$341.34$480.03$433.78$406.44
2021 BMW M2$238.43$181.70$281.56$231.30$233.25
2021 BMW M3$264.27$228.82$305.52$281.75$270.09
2021 BMW M4$284.11$251.30$393.38$355.93$321.18
2021 BMW M5$370.46$258.84$416.98$338.13$346.10
2019 BMW M6$374.46$317.81$407.85$415.82$378.99
2021 BMW X1$114.41$146.44$220.13$206.43$171.85
2021 BMW X3$114.41$153.36$267.80$215.35$187.73
2021 BMW X3 xDrive 30e156.86$250.26$238.83$215.32
2021 BMW X4$132.08$160.11$275.15$230.63$199.49
2021 BMW X5$116.24$183.75$290.62$208.97$199.90
2021 BMW X6$116.24$192.92$337.04$205.55$212.94
2021 BMW X7$161.92$192.92$273.95$253.72$220.63
2021 BMW Z4$214.93$169.13$240.19$238.63$215.72

How did we get these rates?

Our rates are determined by a single 30-year-old driver with a clean driving record who lives in California. California is among seven states that don’t rely on gender in determining the cost of car insurance. We opted for full coverage car insurance that limits liability to surpass the California minimum state requirements and includes:

  • Personal liability for bodily injuries $500,000
  • Liability for bodily injury per accident $ 100,000
  • Damage to property The amount is $50,000
  • Comprehensive Deductible: $500
  • Collision deductible: $500
  • Medical expenses The amount is $5,000.
  • Injuries to the body of an uninsured motorist $50,000/$100,000.

Your rates could differ depending on your ZIP code area, location, type of work, annual mileage, and much more.

What is the reason BMWs are too expensive for insurance?

Since a BMW is considered a high-end vehicle, the insurance price is higher. However, other aspects can make up for that. For example, using BMW’s safety features will reduce insurance costs. In addition, BMW’s low theft rate can also be in your favor.

Finding insurance for your BMW will not be a problem. Most, if not all, of the top insurance companies, offer insurance for the top-of-the-line BMW.

Pros and cons of securing the value of a BMW


  • Fantastic security features
  • It is not often that taken


  • Cars considered to be luxury

Information about the BMW brand

BMW can trace its origins to 1916, when BMW began making airplane engines. However, the production was stopped after the conclusion of World War I due to the Versailles Armistice Treaty. When the restrictions in the treaty were removed, BMW started to produce motorcycles and, shortly after, began to manufacture automobiles. BMW briefly resumed plane engines in World War II, but following the reconstruction, the company continued to produce the motorbikes and cars they are today known for.

What’s BMW Performance Insurance?

You can protect the value of your BMW direct through BMW Performance Insurance, the maker. In addition, BMW Performance Insurance is partnered with Liberty Mutual to offer specialized policies for all BMW vehicles, offering many benefits and discounts specially designed to fit your car.

Are there distinctive BMW models?

The BMW 8 Series Coupe’s slogan can be described as “perfection redesigned.” It offers advanced technology, top performance, and the highest level of luxuriousness in a sports car-style coupe. Its 8 Series Coupe provides driving dynamic, beautiful interior and exterior, and a twin-turbo V8 engine.

What is the purpose of the Access by BMW app?

This pilot subscription from BMW allows drivers from Nashville, Tennessee test out various BMW models starting at just $2,000 per month. First, choose your new BMW using an iPhone or Android app, then select your preferred driving style, and a chauffeur will bring the fully-loaded vehicle to you at the time and place you choose.

You can switch as many times as you’d like in your subscription tier. Legend-grade cars are $2,000 monthly, comprising the four Series convertible 5 Series and X5 SUV, a hybrid, and the sporty M2 Coupe. M-tier cars are $3,700 monthly, but you get accessibility to M4 convertible, the M5 convertible, the M6 convertible, and MX5/X6 SUV models.

BMW car information

  • BMW’s emblem, which includes the Bavarian state colors, has been proudly featured on BMW’s products since.
  • BMW Prices start at $34,000 but increase to $154,000.
  • Since the BMW is not a small purchase, you’ll probably need more than the minimum liability insurance for this luxurious automobile.
  • Following World War II, BMW began producing pans, pots, and bikes until 1948, when they reopened motorcycle production.

Bottom line

In comparison to other expensive manufacturers, BMWs are relatively affordable to cover. So be sure to search for the best car insurance coverage.

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