Can OnStar track My Car When it isn’t activated?

When OnStar was created, It became an emergency aid for many. Assistance with roadside emergencies, theft recovery, and emergency assistance after an accident was much more accessible. If you didn’t renew, Your subscription could think that OnStar can track your car even though it’s inactive.


  • What is OnStar Tracking?
  • How Do I Use OnStar Tracking work?
  • Can OnStar Track Your Car without a subscription?
  • How to Tell whether OnStar is activated
  • How to activate OnStar
  • Does OnStar Work When the Car is Off?
  • Other OnStar frequently asked questions.

What is OnStar Monitoring?

OnStar was launched in 1996 and was among the first subscription-based in-vehicle communications systems. It had many functions, such as acting as the vehicle’s anti-theft security system. It also had an emergency service contact, turn-by-turn navigation, and a hands-free phone.

It also can conduct tests of the car’s main features to help keep the car current on maintenance problems.

OnStar offered many features that wouldn’t be available in vehicles or trucks for many years. For example, it delivered hands-free phone calls before Bluetooth was created. It was also at the top of GPS technology long before the on-dash navigation devices were used.

What is the process behind OnStar Tracking? Does Its Work?

The OnStar system comes with several of the functions of the latest smartphones. It blends a mobile network’s functionality and GPS’s global tracking capabilities.

With a push button in your car, you can immediately connect with the OnStar advisor, who will provide live updates of your location wherever you are.

OnStar’s features OnStar assist drivers with directions to their destination or with calling the police or a rescue team in the event in the event of an accident. OnStar also automatically summons assistance if the airbags in your car are activated and can locate your vehicle when it is stolen.

These features have been able to help OnStar keep many customers even after Smartphones were widely used.

Can OnStar track your car without the need for a subscription?

A majority of vehicles have OnStar systems which are installed at the factory. This means that you need to subscribe to OnStar to avail all the features OnStar offers to you.

But, if you’ve been unable to renew your subscription, OnStar still might be capable of helping you if your vehicle has been stolen or lost.

If the device remains within your vehicle, OnStar can locate your car by using the Onboard GPS.

If you don’t possess an active membership, you could be required to let them use the police to obtain the data.

If they know your car’s model, make, and license plate, OnStar can track its whereabouts.

How Do You Know If OnStar is activated?

If you’re unsure if you’ve paid for your OnStar subscription, There are several ways to determine quickly.

  • Take a look at the information shown at the top of the screen. If you’re logged into an existing account, there’ll be the OnStar logo.
  • Visit your OnStar account through their website on your personal computer, or launch the OnStar app to verify whether your subscription is active.
  • Click the OnStar button in your car to contact an advisor who will inform you of your current subscription.

How Do I OnStar? OnStar

So long as OnStar is not taken off your car, you can start the subscription anytime.

Sign up for GM Owner Center

After you have signed up for Owner Center Once you have signed up for Owner Center, you can enable OnStar to get access to information about your car’s maintenance record, as well as get updates on security alarms for theft and maintenance.

Install the Mobile App

With the help of your phone’s app store, download the app for assistance at the roadside, set off alarms to alert you of theft, and receive turn-by-turn directions.

Add Information and Subscribe

Most manufacturers offer a free trial of OnStar within a new vehicle package. Accessing the website or app within 15 days is required to submit payment details to maintain OnStar on the road. Once you have paid, however, you cannot access OnStar advisors in your car. However, emergency personnel can help when you’re in an accident.

Does OnStar Work when the car is turned off?

The OnStar system in your vehicle is connected to the car’s battery. It can bind and offer services if your car is off but connected. This is helpful if you’re involved in an accident, and the engine is not running as long as your battery is in good condition.

When the battery is not working or connected, OnStar may not function properly. GM began installing battery backups in its vehicles in 2005. If your car isn’t among them, your battery must be powered and connected to OnStar to function correctly.

Other OnStar Questions Frequently Asked

There are plenty of questions regarding OnStar systems. Here are some of the questions asked most often to assist you in making the best decision.

Does OnStar offer GPS Tracking?

Yes. One of OnStar’s most popular features is its onboard GPS. OnStar was among the companies that first used GPS technology to give driving directions.

Does OnStar disable a car?

If you have a vehicle taken away, OnStar can work with the police to block its systems. It will be inaccessible until the police locate the car and, hopefully, the thieves.

Are car thieves able to stop OnStar?

Unfortunately, thieves who have studied the technology can stop the OnStar system. But many thieves are not as skilled as those who have done that research. If you’ve got the OnStar system, you must notify the police immediately. This gives police time to locate the vehicle before they have the chance to take it away.

Are you able to have OnStar be able to listen in on your conversation?

OnStar is respectful of your security and has developed the system following this. OnStar can only hear what’s spoken in your car when you click the button to contact an advisor or when they get you after an airbag is deployed. In other words, they cannot hear what you are saying.

Is OnStar being discontinued?

OnStar is running as hard as it has ever. They’ve adapted to technological changes quickly and effortlessly through the decades. In February 2022, OnStar decided to end its hands-free phone feature. Since introducing Bluetooth, it has become an option not utilized regularly. The savings made by dropping it could improve the other components.

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