OnStar Chevrolet: what is it? What is the process?

OnStar is an affiliate organization belonging to General Motors that provides various car services delivered through a cell phone connection. It’s also the name given to an option available on brand-new vehicles within the GM family of cars.

The question could arise from having the OnStar button in your car or even being advertised as an option when you purchase the vehicle.

We’ll learn the details about the service as well as the benefits it offers.

OnStar Chevrolet: what services are offered?

The services offered by OnStar. Some of the services available on the OnStar system include turn-by-turn navigation instructions, automatic response, and roadside assistance. You can get these services by pressing the blue OnStar button, a Red Emergency Services button, or a hands-free call button.

General Motors established OnStar in 1995, with the help of Hughes Electronics and Electronic Data Systems, and built one of the initial OnStar units for various Cadillac models for the 1997 model year.

OnStar is available primarily on GM vehicles. However, an agreement for licensing was also able to make OnStar accessible on other models between 2002 to 2005. GM also introduced a stand-alone device in 2012, which provides access to a few OnStar Services.

Chevrolet OnStar is a complete concierge service that allows you to include several features in your car. (Image: Chevrolet)

What is the process behind the OnStar function?

Every OnStar system installed as original equipment will take information from the OBD-II (OBD-II) and the built-in GPS capabilities. Additionally, they use cellular technology to make voice calls and data transfers.

Since OnStar customers pay a monthly cost, there aren’t additional charges from the service provider that handles the data and voice connection. However, you’ll be charged additional fees for hands-free calls.

OnStar can send GPS data through the connection with OnStar Central. OnStar Central system to provide turn-by-turn directions. They also can use the same GPS information for emergency service capabilities, which allows OnStar to request help in the event of an accident.

OnStar can transmit OBD-II system information. This feature can permit OnStar to track your miles to help you with insurance, send car health reports or even find out if you’ve been involved in an accident. If you are in a position not to reach your mobile phone following a serious incident, the OBD-II system will notify OnStar. The onStar contact center as soon as it detects that the airbags are deployed. It is possible to ask for assistance in case you need it.

OnStar Subscription: Features Available

OnStar requires a membership for it to work. Currently, there are four plans to choose from. Connected vehicle plans, the lowest priced, don’t include certain features available on the more expensive programs.

Certain features of the connected vehicle plan include:

advanced diagnostics

Location of the vehicle

Remote access

The premium plan is the best one you can purchase to give you an idea of what’s included. That consists of all connected vehicle features, plus:

Auto collision response

emergency services

emergency assistance

Roadside assistance

OnStar Guardian app

Assistance for stolen vehicles

Round-by-turn navigation

Some features are offered as add-ons and are not included in the package. Check out the OnStar pricing and plans page for more information about these plans, which includes all the features and pricing choices.

How do I sign up for OnStar?

GM incorporates OnStar in every new vehicle, and specific non-GM models also have OnStar. In addition, some non-GM vehicles also have it. These systems are available on specific Japanese and European cars produced between the 2001 and 2005 model year. Acura, Isuzu, and Subaru were the Japanese automakers who were part of the deal, and Audi and Volkswagen were also part of the deal.

If you buy a GM vehicle made in 2007 or a later year model, you might come with the OnStar subscription. After the model year, every new GM vehicle is equipped with an OnStar subscription.

Accessing OnStar on non-GM vehicles is also possible through the OnStar FMV gadget. This device replaces the rearview mirror and gives you access to numerous features available in OEM GM OnStar systems.

How to use OnStar?

The entire range of OnStar features is available via the two OnStar buttons. The blue button that bears the OnStar logo gives access to diagnostic and navigation checks, while the red button can provide emergency assistance. In addition, if you have purchased prepaid minutes, you can use the hands-free telephone button to make calls, view reports on the weather, and access additional information.

This Blue OnStar button allows you to talk with a live person anytime during the day. Operators can arrange backup instructions to take you to any location and find the address of a place of interest or make any changes to your accounts. It is also possible to request an actual diagnostic scan. In this instance, the technician will collect information from your OBD II system. Then, when the “check engine” light turns up, it’s an excellent way to know whether your vehicle is suitable for driving.

The emergency button on the red side connects you with an operator and puts you in touch with a person trained to handle emergencies. If you require contact with the fire department or police department or ask for medical assistance, The emergency specialist can assist you.

Can OnStar assist me if my car is taken?

OnStar offers a variety of options that could be useful in the event of theft. It can function as a tracking device, allowing the stolen vehicle to be tracked down and returned. The problem is that OnStar can only access this feature when police confirm the car was stolen.

Specific OnStar systems also have other functions, which could aid in rescuing the stolen vehicle. If the police have confirmed that a car is stolen and the vehicle is not found, an OnStar representative may issue an order on the OBD-II system, which slows the vehicle.

This function was employed during car chases with high speeds to stop thieves from crossing their tracks. Certain cars are also fitted with the ability to shut off your ignition remotely. That means that if a burglar shuts down the vehicle, they won’t be able to restart it.

What else is there to OnStar provide me? Is it worth it?

Since OnStar can access many of your car’s systems, there are numerous ways that an OnStar operator can assist you if you’re stuck. In most cases, OnStar can unlock your vehicle if you lock your keys in. It will also flash lighting or honk your horn in case you cannot locate your car in a crowded parking lot.

You can use specific options through OnStar. However, there’s an application that you can download on your phone. Remote link software is only available for particular vehicles and not all smartphones. However, it gives you access to live diagnostic data. In addition, it allows you to start your car remotely and contact an OnStar Advisor even when not inside your vehicle.

It could be worthwhile, but you should compare it with Pay Per Use insurance, which will help you determine the correct value and choose the one suitable for your needs.

Privacy is assured with OnStar Services.

OnStar can access lots of information regarding your driving habits. Consequently, some users have raised privacy concerns. GM installed OnStar to emit a loud sound every time an operator makes an inbound call, making it difficult for a shady operator to monitor your conversations.

OnStar also states that it can anonymize GPS data before selling it to a third party; however, this is still an issue for privacy. While the data isn’t directly linked to your personal information and the vehicle’s chassis or pickup, GPS data is not anonymized by nature.

GM is tracking this data even after you cancel the OnStar subscription, though you can stop the data connection.

How do you feel about OnStar? Would you like to use the service? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!

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